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In the wide-spot-on-the-highway town of Sinai, Texas, football reigns. But high school senior Seth McArdle (Samuel Davis) has little time for it. With his mom passed away and his dad run away, Seth works hard to support himself and his young twin sisters. A run-in with kings of the football field lands Seth after-school labor as punishment. There he meets Abel Adamson (Kevin Sorbo), a taut, bitter stranger working part time as the school groundskeeper.

Each resentful of the other at first, a grudging respect grows between Seth and Abel: respect that gives way to understanding, and eventually Seth finds a mentor and Abel a friend. Just as everything appears to be going well - steady work for Abel and the attention of a girl at school for Seth - trouble looms.

How can a man like Abel find the strength to face his past, turn his life around and help a new friend? Where will Seth find the faith and support to face his future and overcome seemingly insurmountable problems? Full of drama, comedy, and excitement, ABEL'S FIELD takes the audience on a journey of struggle, but ultimately, redemption.

Kevin Sorbo: Abel
Samuel Davis: Seth
Richard Dillard: Coach Chalmers

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Abel's Field - DVD

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