Grammy-nominated, multi-award winning music superstar Tonéx brings another Hallmark gift to the USA, entitled Oak Park 921'06. This double disc contains eight brand new songs have been added to this critically acclaimed release from 2005.

Nothing will prepare the public for the new and improved sound with a lead smash single like Fail U right out the gate! It's definitely a psychedelic dance-invoking club banger. In this cut, Tonéx displays his dynamic voice range and music production that's unlike any other. The intro alone will force you to keep Fail U on repeat. The various components of this song are unforgettable, melding hip-hop with pop, funk, and gospel. Fail U coins the new realm of music... "Gospop".

Tonéx also teams up with multi-platinum recording artist/actor Montell Jordan on the track Yes. "This album will challenge you and strengthen your walk with God," says Tonéx. "Just think of it as a Tonéx Reality Show, set to music." He adds, "In this album I tell it all about life, love, tragedy and triumph."

Tonéx, who is RIAA certified gold for Out the Box, is one artist that always gives it to you raw and un-cut. He's a strong believer in being totally free and honest with oneself and others. His passion for honesty and truth is extremely evident in this upcoming release, which is demonstrating a biting realism that has yet to be seen. Tackling a wide range of issues common to man, he addresses them in his usual candor way, but more than expected from his traditional projects. This album is the second official release from Tonéx's record label, Nureau Ink.